Just another hiccup, another cough, and one more sneeze.

Published October 16, 2010 by Soprano, Megan

One of the VERY worst things you can have happen to you when you’re a vocalist is to get sick. I’m not talking stomach sick or headache, even, but full-on laryngitis or in my particular case – Pneumonia.It really is hard to stay healthy too. Especially when it seems you have the immune system of a compromised patient.

For the past four years I was dealing with MAJOR sinus issues. I had two cysts in my maxillary sinuses (in your cheeks!) about 1.5 cm in diameter. I was on antibiotics practically every day until, three ENTs later, one finally answered my cries of desperation. I had the surgery (not without its complications of course!) and I’ve been perfect [knock on wood] ever since.

Well. Flash back two weeks ago or so. I start to get that scratchy (what I call “whiny”) throat and think “great…all I need is a head cold now”. It wasn’t just a head cold. It was Pneumonia. That, to a singer, is like a death sentence. Maybe you think I’m being dramatic, as it is in my nature as a performer, but this meant absolutely NO singing until it was gone. It has now been two weeks and so far I have:

1. Taken TWO kinds of antibiotics simultaneously
2. Taken sleeping pills because the coughing kept me up at night
3. Missed THREE voice lessons, one being with my accompanist
4. Missed a lesson with a MUN faculty member
5. Had to stay out of school for two weeks (which really means two months work!)
6. Was supposed to stay off work, but ignored it…and shouldn’t have…
7. Taken other countless medications such as inhalers, steroids, and cough syrup
8. Had to “shut-up” (no easy task for me!)
9. Wished I’d die.

With that all being said. I am FINALLY on the mend! But with feeling better comes the scary realization that I have to catch up on work, practice, school and life in general.I’ve also started taking Vitamin D in an attempt to boost my immune system while my doctor figures out why I am always the victim of illness lately. Half of me hopes he will find something. Half of me is afraid of what he might find.

But as they say – “The show MUST go on!”…


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