Aria, aria…where for art thou aria?

Published September 27, 2011 by Soprano, Megan

I’ve been trying to regularly update this, but of course life gets in the way of that. Things have been busy at work and I am now teaching two private piano students on Wednesday evening. I had been hoping to get some voice students, but work has been proving to be too busy. However, the money earned from teaching two students covers the cost of my personal voice lessons so it all comes out in the wash really.

I am also getting back in to the practicing routine I have taken a  suggestion that Dr. Leibel made in our meeting, and started practicing two or three times a day at 15-20 minutes each time. I find this to be a lot more productive. I don’t know why it never dawned on me before! I also have acquired a roommate (my cousin) and rather than drive him insane with my practice times I decided to move my piano in to my room so I could have some privacy and he was free to do whatever he wants in the living room.

The theory and history books are also dusted off. I didn’t get to review them as thoroughly before my last entrance exams and given that I finished both of those courses in my third year (2006-2007) of my undergrad, I figured I’d get started on that. I don’t have any “courses” to study for or an internship and lesson plans to do so I have more time to devote to them this year. March comes quickly…

My lessons seem to be going well. I’m in the process of finding a new Recit/Aria for my audition so that has been a challenge thus far. I decided I wanted all new repertoire this time and it has proved to be a great decision.

Here is what I am working on…

  • “Oh! Quand je dors” – Liszt
  • “Sweet Chance That Led My Steps Abroad” – Michael Head
  • “Der Nussbaum” – Schumann
  • “Quia Respexit” – Bach
  • “Caminante son tus huellas” – Raminsh
  • Need an aria! Eeeeeek!

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