A time of new beginnings and fresh starts.

Published July 18, 2012 by Soprano, Megan

I know, I know. I ALWAYS say I’m going to keep this updated and here we are again, almost a year has passed. This time I PROMISE to at least TRY (haha) and keep this up.

A lot has happened since last year. Some good, some bad…

BAD First.

1. Hope you don’t mind hearing about this sort of thing…but after battling with some digestive issues (Ewwww!) for the past five years I finally have answers to what my “problem” is. I have something called a Spastic Colon and Acid Reflux. Yes. It’s as bad as it sounds, I assure you. It is also looking like I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), but I still have to undergo a few more tests to make sure it is not Celiac Disease or Chrons/Colitis. Since I have been following a gluten-free diet, cutting back on dairy and taking two prescription drugs for the bowel spasms and acid reflux, I’ve been so SO much better. It also helped going to see a Gastrointerologist and actually talk about problems that people don’t like to talk about.


2. After working so incredibly hard over the past year, I was once again rejected from MUN. I felt I did an excellent audition and I could not have asked for better from myself. However, the audition was not the problem this time as much as the entrance exams. I guess I had spent so much time worrying about the practical side that I forgot to review theory and history. Have I given up? HA! NO! I will try, try and try until I get in. I’ve also decided to apply to other schools in a couple of years: University of Western Ontario, University of Regina and University of Manitoba to name a few. I had wanted to do the MUN program because they offer Performance AND Pedagogy, but we will have to see what happens. It looks like I will be heading back to MUN for one class a semester starting in January to upgrade my marks in Theory and History.

3. I got the terrible news in June that my lovely voice teacher would be leaving St. John’s to move to Ontario. While I was happy for her and her husband, I was also very sad. I have been studying with her for over two years now and this left me with the panicked question of What do I do now?!. After asking around and contacting a mentor of mine, let’s just say something is in the works and leave it at that. 😉

4. Also in June, my father (who recently graduated from UNB with a Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety), accepted a job with a company named Emera Utilities as a Health and Safety Officer in Goobies, NL. My Dad is already retired at an early age from CBC Radio, but he wanted to pay off some debt and retire comfortably. So now my parents are moving from Grand Falls-Windsor to Clarenville in August and my mother can now retire. I have mixed feelings about this…GFW is my hometown, I grew up there. When they move to Clarenville, sure my parents will be there, but it is not my “home”. It causes a weird array of emotions…

Now on to the GOOD.

1. After another successful “A Night For Them” concert, I was able to raise over $800 with more donations still coming in. It was an amazing night. Even though my parents will no longer be living in GFW, Aimee and I have still decided to hold this annual event until we feel it is no longer gaining anything. So, win win!

2. I launched my website for my Voice and Piano studio starting in September 2012. I primarily will offer travelling lessons which enable students to learn at their own home. This is a huge help to busy moms and dads who find it difficult to drop their child off to a lesson and pick them up. Also, it gives me an opportunity to better learn how to drive around St. John’s (I am TERRIBLE with directions!). I am so incredibly excited for this change in my life. I feel it will give me excellent experience and will help make my CV more competitive when I apply to graduate schools again.

3. I am due to receive my Newfoundland and Labrador Teaching Certificate any day now (finally!) so I will be on the substitute teaching list for the Fall and hopefully pick up some teaching days. Again, excellent on my resume!

4. Believe it or not, I have not been off this island in over three years AND I have not been on a vacation (meaning down south) since I was 11 years old. SO…Mom, sister and me will be travelling to Florida either in September or October! YAYYYYY!!! I am over the moon about this! I’ve been in school for over 10 years and I NEED a vacation before I go insane.

My GOALS for this year.

1. To get enough private students and teaching days to be able to quit my current grocery store job.

2. To get a private voice teacher for myself who will push me to achieve my best.

3. To find more opportunities for me to perform and share my talents.

4. To maintain my health.

5. To be the best singer I can be and to learn from my mistakes.

6. To network and meet new people with similar interests (perhaps a “boy”?)

7. To live life every day for ME and live it to the fullest!


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