So many goals, so little time.

Published September 3, 2014 by Soprano, Megan

I honestly am still in shock that it’s September AGAIN. Only seems like yesterday I was going off to my first teaching day in Central NL and here we are ready for day two. September has also reminded me that I have SO much I want to accomplish this year.

This fall I have decided to take a Music History course from Athabasca University. Honestly, I was getting bored and losing a bit of my musical knowledge that you had when you’re immersed in it 24/7 in college. Also, my mark in uni sucked big time so I’m hoping to up that.

So in other news…I got a phone call last Thursday with TWO job offers. Yup. TWO. I had about two seconds of excitement until I realized where they were: Bay d’Espoir and Harbour Breton (google map them). I had to turn them down. I know you’re saying I’m crazy BUT they are two and two and a half hours away. I cannot ditch ten studio students. I cannot give up opera lessons in Corner Brook. And I definitely cannot commute daily. So unfortunately I had to politely decline. 

However, I applied to three substitute lists (two of which I did not expect to get approved for) and I was approved! That means I will probably get some extra calls that I didn’t get last year only being on one.

As you can see, the title of my blog is “So many goals, so little time”. Well, here are a summary of my goals I would like to complete by this time next year…

1. Audition and get accepted to do a summer program (ANYWHERE).
2. Get at least an A- on my Music History course.
3. Have 10-15 private students.
4. Have a successful MS Society benefit recital.
5. Be granted grad school auditions to the schools I apply for.

A lot of goals, but definitely do-able. 

Or at least I’m gonna try really hard!


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